Monday, January 19, 2009

Fourth arm problem solved

This is the best solution to the notorious fourth arm problem* that I've seen:

Finally, an answer to this age-old predicament has arrived! Winner of the red dot design concept award in 2007, the idea of the Love Mattress is simple: A solid unit makes up the middle portion of the bed, with several adjoining strips of foam connected at either end. Between these slats one can drop their shoulder or arm, allowing for a much more comfortable sleeping position while remaining all snuggled up.

Each polyurethane-injected foam strip is covered with a smooth fabric which allows for easy sliding, and after assembly the whole mattress can be covered with a standard bed linen. Not only is it good for sharing with another, but it also works for other positions, like stomach sleeping, where you can let your foot dip into the gaps.

So, say goodbye to that slack arm. Right now it’s still only a concept, but if the Love Mattress hits production mode you’ll be good to go for hours of fine spooning action.

HT: Mad Latinist via email.

*The fourth arm problem where two people try to sleep cuddled together, but there's one arm that's always squished in an awkward position.


Blogger Sarah said...

Very funny and possibly useful.

8:31 PM, January 19, 2009  

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