Friday, January 30, 2009

The logical consequence of fetishizing virginity in a capitalist society

This person is auctioning off her virginity. Allegedly, the bidding is up to $3.8 million.

Question: How do we know she's really a virgin? For that much money, I can picture someone lying. Operations can be done to restore or fake a hymen. And I bet the cost of those operations is less than $3.8 million. And a hymen isn't really an accurate gauge of virginity in the first place: By the time you're 22 it's likely to have ripped for other reasons. Normally I think obsessing about whether someone is a virgin or not is weird. But she's making an issue of it by attaching a monetary value to it. I almost hope she's lying about it, that would make her more devious and clever and admirable.

Question: Why would someone pay $3.8 million for sex with this person?

Question: Does the person who bid $3.8 million actually have it? Are they bidding in good faith?

Question: Assuming the deal goes through, will the buyer feel they got their money's worth? I've had some good sex in my time, but after shelling out $3.8 million I'm likely to have some buyer's remorse. If she is in fact a virgin, it's unlikely she's going to be that good, especially because her relationship with her deflowerer will be so mercenary.

Question: Has she ever saddlebacked? Or had other forms of non-PV sex? If so, does her buyer agree that she's still a virgin?

I'm not sure what my overall reaction to this is. I guess my strongest reaction is bewilderment that people are willing to shell out so much money to have sex with someone who claims she's a virgin.


Blogger Sarah said...

Her reasoning is pretty interesting from an academic point of view. Still, it's hard not to avoid the emotional reaction of "ewe".

6:55 PM, January 31, 2009  

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