Monday, October 15, 2007

Department of bad timing

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) is inducted into the Idaho hall of fame:
Craig was chosen for induction last spring, well before his sex-sting arrest and many Idahoans say they're glad Craig still received the honor for a quarter century of political work in this state.

Amy Henderson said, "I think he's done a lot for Idaho and I think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I think his personal issues should be personal."

Fred Bauer told CBS 2 Eyewitness News, "I think it's appropriate. I think what he had done for the state has been suburb."

Others believe it's not the hall of fame he should be in, but the hall of shame, "I think he made a joke out of Idaho, so I don't think he should be inducted," Kasey Swinford said.
I think he should come out. Then, instead of being a joke, he'd be an incredibly brave man. It's time for this country as a whole to shed its denial of homosexuality.


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