Friday, October 26, 2007

Organizations right-wingers consider dangerous

Crooks and Liars pointed me to this list on Family Security Matters. It's Jason Rantz's list of what he considers the ten most dangerous propaganda organizations in America. Here they are:

10 ) Think Progress

9 ) Muslim Student Association

8 ) CodePINK

7 ) American Civil Liberties Union, National

6 ) Family Research Council

5 ) Center for American Progress

4 ) League of the South

3 )

2 ) Universities and Colleges

1 ) Media Matters for America

There are right-wing organizations on this list, but only two: Family Research Council and League of the South. The rest are generally considered lefty, though I don't know what the politics of the Muslim Student Association are. The fact that "Universities and Colleges" is on this list is pretty funny. Who'd have thought that the local community college is dangerous to America.

I'm proud to say that I'm a member of two of these "dangerous" organizations: the ACLU and (though I think I'm late in renewing my ACLU membership). And of course I attended a university and support it (nominally-there are more needy causes than increasing Yale's bajillion dollar endowment) and my wife is affiliated with one. So I guess that means I have ties to three of the ten most dangerous propaganda organizations in America...but wait! I have a link to Media Matters in the sidebar of my blog! It's been there so long I've forgotten about it. So that means I support 4 out of 10 of the most dangerous propaganda organizations in America, including the #1 threat! There's also a CodePink headquarters near my home, so I've probably signed a petition of theirs at one point or another. So if we're willing to stretch a bit, we can say that I've been involved with half of Jason Rantz's ten most dangerous propaganda organizations.

I'm so proud of myself.


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