Friday, February 29, 2008

A few quick things

Obama's letter about gay equality. Personally, I'm in favor of full civil marriage for gay couples rather than just civil unions. But this is a pretty strong statement in favor of gay equality and inclusion.

We found a witch (back in 1944 in Scotland), may we pardon her? Isn't 1944 a little bit late to be convicting people of witchcraft? Egad.

Marc Ambinder does some delegate math, and it looks like Clinton has a pretty uphill battle. He can't find any realistic scenario in which she can get the nomination unless the Florida and Michigan delegations are allowed to participate. (The rules exclude them because those states had primaries earlier than the party allowed. Since they were excluded, neither candidate campaigned there. Clinton got more votes there, so now she wants those delegations seated. They may be seated, but probably not until after the nomination.)


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