Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama has string of victories

According to Open Left, Obama won about 45 more delegates than Clinton tonight from Washington State, Nebraska, Louisiana, and the Virgin Islands.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton's fund raising seems to have taken off. This commenter on Marc Ambinder's blog offers an explanation:
A lot of her supporters figured she would win easily, and early on didn't really need the money. Obviously it's possible she'll lose, -- and this is clear to everybody -- and her supporters have finally had a big ol' fire lit under their arses.
Meanwhile, on the Republican side of things, Mike Huckabee seems positioned to go 3 for 3. A lot of Repubicans really don't like McCain, do they?


Blogger grishnash said...

My own calculation has Obama down by only 29 delegates at this point. Even if every undecided superdelegate declares for Clinton tonight the race now can't be decided before Pennsylvania on April 22nd. My own vote is rapidly approaching relevance, and I may just have to take advantage of it.

9:55 AM, February 10, 2008  

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