Friday, February 29, 2008

Why McCain would be a very bad president

It's not too early to start thinking about why McCain would be an awful president:
  • He is even more wrong about Iraq than the Bush administration, if that's possible. He thinks that because our troop escalation has coincided with a reduction in violence (down to levels that were considered catastrophic a few years ago, but now seem better by comparison), that somehow means that our presence is solving long term issues like power sharing between Shia and Sunni.
  • OK, McCain is really smoking crack about Iraq. So much so that it deserves another bullet point. Remember that time McCain walked through the Baghdad marketplace, guarded by massive amounts of firepower and wearing a bulletproof vest, and then commented how one could "walk freely" in some parts of Baghdad? That is the level of reality denial he has about the situation. It's really scary.
  • McCain took a good Beach Boys song and turned it into a joke about bombing Iran. The moral callousness of that aside, what does he think bombing Iran would actually accomplish? Wouldn't it just make them more determined to acquire nuclear weapons, and justify all the "Great Satan" rhetoric that the theocrats in that country use to justify their stranglehold on power? Is there any realistic scenario in which the strategic position of the United States would be better after a bombing Iran?
  • McCain doesn't support a woman's right to control her own body.
  • McCain gets endorsements from complete wingnut freakazoids like John Hagee (who thinks God deliberately killed all those people in New Orleans with a hurricane because of a gay pride parade). And McCain states that he's "very proud to have pastor Hagee's support." (Greenwald asks the relevant question: Why do blacks always have to distance themselves from the likes of Farrakhan, but whites can get support from the most batshit-crazy wackjobs and not suffer any credibility hits for it?)
  • He's a Republican. He kisses Bush's ass. He might make some noise about dissenting so he can give the press an excuse to keep up with their mindless narrative of how independent he is. But in the end he knuckles under. Electing McCain would empower Republicans to continue all the hideous policies they've been foisting on us these
  • Even on the issue of torture, which given McCain's horrific experiences as a POW you'd think he'd never waver on, when push comes to shove he won't vote for banning it completely.
  • McCain caved to the xenophobic right-wingers on the issue of immigration reform. (Not that the corporatist Republican version was great, but it was better than the nativist Republican version.)
  • McCain voted against SCHIP re-authorization. Indeed the Children's Defense Fund Action Council gave him the worst rating of all Senators.
  • McCain's got a really bad temper.
That's just a few to get started. There will no doubt be more. McCain has a lot of undeserved positive media. Don't get sucked in. And his campaign and the Republican party are going to fling a lot of nasty mud at the Democratic nominee, whoever it turns out to be. We can't let the Republican nominee sail by on his favorable media coverage. McCain would be an awful president, and should be kept FAR AWAY from the White House.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well also he wouldn't do a thing about global warming. and he is against gay rights.

4:21 AM, May 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all McCain is totally against gay marriage not only that we must fight in Iraq to establish our sides.
Obama is not taking out a nuclear defense system also supporting abortion.not olny that he is setting up large bailout which then will lead to massive bankruptcy and obama is also paying illegal aliens taxes so if you think Obama is way better than mcCain so think again

8:43 PM, June 23, 2009  

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