Friday, February 22, 2008

More embarrassing demo footage of me

Dude, I'm famous. It's perhaps not the exact type of fame I would have chosen, and if it would pain you to see me mocked horribly, then you probably shouldn't watch this or read the comments. But here's Kotaku's video mash-up of me lifting the rock in our GDC demo. It's had over 13,500 views. Of course I had to post a good-natured response in the comments (as of this posting, my comment hasn't yet appeared, so I can't paste it here).

If you can't get enough of watching me in impossibly awkward situations, Joystiq has posted some video of Yours Truly in the now-infamous "Black Tuesday" Demo from Hell (well, infamous to me, anyway). As an aside, we brought the people from Joystiq into our booth today and did a demo with them in the Epoc(TM) headset. Apparently they have been converted to believing it works.

I'm sure there's more I could find on Google, but that should be enough for today...


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