Thursday, February 07, 2008

Random election thoughts from Grishnash

From Grishnash via email:
  • Ron Paul will be the first candidate involuntarily eliminated from the race in the likely event he doesn't win Louisiana.
  • McCain can wrap up the nomination no earlier than the Puerto Rico primary (Feb 24th).
  • If the margins of victory don't average at least 65/35 for Obama, or 61/39 for Clinton across the remaining 26 states and territories, the Democratic nominee will go into the convention undecided.
Wow, a convention that wouldn't be an excruciatingly dull exercise in ceremonial pomp. That should be interesting. I'm sure all the political analysis shows will welcome the boost in ratings.


Anonymous MC said...

But going into the August convention with 2 candidates running even would make for a plethora of backroom brokering, wheeling-dealing and job promises -back to old time politics, not the 'change' that is being touted.

It would also shorten the time the nominee has to prepare for the national battle against the Republican nominee.

I hope the upcoming Texas, Ohio & Pennsylvania primaries result in an obvious front runner. A bruising battle right through the convention is not in the best interest of waging an effective campaign against McCain.

1:48 AM, February 09, 2008  

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