Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hagee endorsement starting to cause problems for McCain

Greenwald documents how the mainstream media is slowly realizing what a hate-filled nut job Hagee is. This is heartening. A lot of the impetus is coming from Catholics, who aren't to happy with Hagee's statements that Catholicism is "The Great Whore", an "apostate church", the "anti-Christ". (I'm none too happy with Catholicism myself, but most of my problems with it would apply equally to Hagee and his ilk.)

So it turns out McCain's embrace of this guy might have some consequences after all. Good. It's been sickening how "mainstream" Republicans can get in bed with hate-spewing nut jobs and not catch any flack for it. I'm glad this is starting to change.

UPDATE: BarbinMD on DailyKos is happy to see Hagee and Donohue (of the Catholic League) going at it:
It seems that McCain's "proud" acceptance of the endorsement of John "The-Catholic-Church-Is-The-Great-Whore" Hagee has upset Bill "Hollywood-Is-Controlled-By-Secular-Jews-Who-Hate-Christianity" Donohue. It's the ultimate rightwing cage-match, the battle of the bigots, fighting for the soul of the Republican Party. What's an Episcopalian/Baptist to do?
I don't think this should just be a "rightwing cage-match" though. Hagee espouses some pretty awful stuff that all kinds of Americans would find deeply offensive. And McCain should be called on it when he repeatedly allies himself with such people.


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