Sunday, March 30, 2008

Democratic power brokers want nominee before convention

It looks like Harry Reid wasn't wrong when he said "Things are being done." Now Speaker of the House Nacy Pelosi is saying that the Democrats should have a nominee shortly after the last primary:
While signing autographs, [Pelosi] answered two reporters' questions, including if she thought the uncommitted Democratic superdelegates, who will likely be the deciding factor in the nomination fight, should make their preference known by July. "It will be much sooner, right after the public has voted," Pelosi said.
(via Drdemocrat on DailyKos) This is good. I don't see how Clinton can win the nomination. But either way, I'm glad that folks like Reid and Pelosi are signaling that they're not going to let this drag on once all the primaries are done.

And I want to reiterate my stance that I will support either Clinton or Obama. I prefer Obama, and think that Hillary doesn't have a realistic chance of winning. And I think she should concede the nomination. But I'm not going to issue whinny statements how I'm picking up my ball and going home if my preferred candidate doesn't get the nomination. We've been hearing a lot about that recently and think it's highly counter-productive to anyone who cares about a whole swath of progressive issues. If Clinton does somehow pull it off, I will support her against McCain.

I'm currently not donating money to either Obama or Clinton, because I'm waiting until there's a nominee. I don't want to give them money to fight each other. I want the Democrat to defeat McCain in November.


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