Friday, March 14, 2008

What $5,500 an hour ought to get you

JeffLieber on DailyKos wants more than just sex for $5,500 an hour:


I expect you to quote, from memory, the number Pi to the 383rd digit in a way that I never get bored and finally understand why I was required to take calculus.

I expect you to rail on about the superiority of "on-base-percentage" when compared to the antiquated "batting-average" and be able to speak at length, and with passion, on how the designated hitter is a great American travesty.


For 100,000 nickels and 500,000 pennies I expect you to have surgically implanted outlets to recharge my iphone and laptop so that, seconds after our eighth coitus, I’ll be able to simultaneously log into DKos using two technologies.



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