Saturday, April 04, 2009

Giger-esque horror found in Corwall aquarium

(via DailyKos) Dude, this thing looks totally cool. If I'm ever in Cornwall, I'm going to go see it:
Jumbo Worm: This 4-foot-long sea worm was devastating coral reef and terrorizing fish at an aquarium in Cornwall, southwestern England, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday. The creature, known as "Barry," devoured bait traps -- hooks and all -- and bit through a 20-pound fishing line before staffers finally managed to capture it. The worm was moved to its own tank.
I love that it was acting evil as well as looking evil. Maybe the Monterey Bay Aquarium will get one, and then I wouldn't have to travel so far to see it. Much cooler than a bunch of sea otters (though those are pretty cute). More info here:
The creature is covered with nasty bristles that sting and can cause permanent numbness in humans, the newspaper said.
It's even dangerous to humans! How awesome is that?

(For those who don't know what "Giger-esque" means, look here.)


OpenID jdm314 said...

Thank you SO much for posting that image :p

But would it have killed them to include the thing's scientific name?

11:45 PM, April 05, 2009  

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