Monday, April 13, 2009

People who fall in love with inanimate objects

Erika La Tour Eiffel with the building she considers her husband

There aren't many, but apparently they do exist:

Imagine a world in which people seem hostile while inanimate objects appear friendly – even affectionate. Imagine dreading the touch of another human but longing for a passionate encounter with a large public structure. This is the strange world of the "objectum sexual"– a group of people, mainly women, whose intimate lives revolve around objects with which they say they share romantic and sexual love.

As a documentary film-maker passionate about exploring psychological aspects of human nature, I have made films about bigamists, domestic violence and co-dependent anorexic twins. Modern society is a never-ending source of these stories. It is still exceptional for a father to lock up his daughter for 24 years in a cellar, but scratch the surface and it seems that good personal relationships are rare. To fill their emotional needs, people are increasingly turning to a variety of substitutes: from internet virtual reality and food to... well, objects.

On first meeting, Erika La Tour Eiffel appears extraordinarily ordinary. An ex-US Army soldier, the 36-year-old lives in San Francisco. She is also a former world champion in archery – propelled to success, she believes, by her love for Lance, a bow. She now claims to be married to the Eiffel Tower, following a ceremony with friends last year in Paris, at which she promised eternal love to the iron monument and changed her name legally to reflect the bond. "There is a huge problem with being in love with a public object," she says sadly. "The issue of intimacy – or rather lack of it – is forever present."

Via Sullivan. I've had my share of misanthropy, but so far all my erotic and romantic longings have had the conventional focus of another human being. How boring I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"objectum sexual"Aha! So THAT'S what people mean when they say "sex object"! ;)

2:37 AM, April 17, 2009  
Blogger Zachary Drake said...

nyuk nyuk nyuk

8:10 AM, April 17, 2009  

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