Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yo, Obama, realease those torture memos

UPDATE: Looks like he did.

Mr. President, don't be a total douchebag like your predecessor. Release those memos. Stop this state secrets bullshit. Government transparency was something you ran on. Frickin' live up to it. I don't want to have to spend four years or eight years fighting you on this, but I will if I have to. Greenwald (and others) are on to you on these kinds of issues:

In the last week alone, the Obama DOJ (a) attempted to shield Bush's illegal spying programs from judicial review by (yet again) invoking the very "state secrets" argument that Democrats spent years condemning and by inventing a brand new "sovereign immunity" claim that not even the Bush administration espoused, and (b) argued that individuals abducted outside of Afghanistan by the U.S. and then "rendered" to and imprisoned in Bagram have no rights of any kind -- not even to have a hearing to contest the accusations against them -- even if they are not Afghans and were captured far away from any "battlefield." These were merely the latest -- and among the most disturbing -- in a string of episodes in which the Obama administration has explicitly claimed to possess the very presidential powers that Bush critics spent years condemning as radical, lawless and authoritarian.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for honest Obama supporters to dismiss away or even minimize these criticisms and, especially, to malign the motives of critics. After all, the Obama DOJ's embrace of many (though by no means all) of the most radical and extremist Bush/Cheney positions -- and the contradictions between Obama's campaign claims and his actions as President -- are now so glaring and severe that the harshest denunciations of Obama's actions are coming from those who, during the Bush years, were held up by liberals and by Obama supporters as the most trustworthy and praiseworthy authorities on these matters.

I really think Greenwald deserves some kind of "Defense of America" award.

C'mon Obama, this is sickening. Do the right thing and change these policies.


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