Friday, April 03, 2009

Tauntaun sleeping bag: from April Fool's joke to reality?

Mad Latinist sent me a link to this over Facebook. Turns out it was an April Fool's joke (which I fell for; I don't know if Mad Latinist did or not). But they (ThinkGeek) got overwhelming interest and are now trying to get permission to actually make this product:
ATTN Tauntaun Fanatics! Due to an overwhelming tsunami of requests from YOU THE PEOPLE, we have decided to TRY and bring this to life. We have no clue if the suits at Lucasfilms will grant little ThinkGeek a license, nor do we know how much it would ultimately retail for. But if you are interested in ever owning one of these, click the link below and we'll try!
I hope Lucasfilm lets them do it. Why not? It's basically free licensing money for them. There's all kinds of stupid Star Wars stuff already out there. If they actually make this sleeping bag, I'll get one for Quinn.


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