Saturday, April 04, 2009

Petition for Norm Coleman to give up already

I signed it. You can, too.

Nobody thinks Coleman has any chance of winning. It's widely known that he's just stalling the process to keep Franken out of the Senate to make things more difficult for Democrats. Not cool. It's time the media started calling out Coleman for being a sore loser and ridiculous obstructionist.


OpenID ai-meilian said...

As I put it in the comments field:

"Senators are supposed to serve the best interests of their state constituency.

I must respectfully submit you are currently serving no one's best interests, sir -- not even your own. Whether anyone voted for you or Senator Franken, they deserve two senators sitting on their behalf on Capitol Hill. You are single-handedly depriving over 5 million Minnesotans of their fair representation at a time crucial to this nation's future.

Mr. Coleman, this is the kind of issue over which wars have been fought. It's the kind of issue that gives birth to new nations, as it did ours nearly 233 years ago. Please recognize how unpatriotic your behavior has become and step aside, so our elected officials can do their job."

Which is as nice I can put "stop being an asshat."

4:52 PM, April 04, 2009  

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