Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's not just what I feel for the Bush administration, it's what the House Judiciary Committee is voting on today. A summary of the options:
  1. Try to negotiate a settlement acceptable to both the Congrses and the White House
  2. Roll the dice on statutory contempt and see what the U.S. Attorney does
  3. Use the inherent contempt procedure, either after statutory contempt has failed, or as a concurrent threat to encourage the U.S. Attorney to move
  4. Create some new procedure legislatively, and hope it stands up to court challenges from the "administration" when Congress actually tries to use it
  5. Move to impeach, whether the target be Gonzales (as the U.S. Attorney's boss), Bush (for misapplying executive privilege claims), or Cheney (if Congress believes it has established a connection between him and this particular obstruction, which to this point they apparently do not, despite Senator Whitehouse's revelations yesterday)
  6. Do nothing, and hope some future administration does the same thing but is in an even weaker position politically when it does so, and can be brought to heel
Go option #3!


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