Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Least favorite task of political wives:

Image from Pam's House Blend.

Standing by your husband after he gets caught up in a hooker scandal. Pam says "All I know is the woman's body language speaks for itself". Remember, this is the woman who publicly threatened to cut off his penis if he ever cheated the way Bill Clinton did. I feel pretty bad for her.

Remember Internal Monologue's sex scandal amnesty offer: If you come out in favor of decriminalizing prostitution, or even initiate a serious public discussion about taking a look at some of the really messed up ways our society deals with sex, I'll give you a break and not mock you mercilessly for your sexual foibles. But if you're a "family values" panderer who blathers on about the sanctity of marriage and how gay people and liberals and secularists are a threat to it, then I feel fully justified in making fun of you when your home phone number turns up on the call sheet of a Washington DC prostitution ring.

Who will be the first politician to step forward and say, "I did X, Y, and Z, and I don't think that should be a crime for me or for anyone else"?

[crickets chirping...]


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