Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maybe politicians will retroactively legalize prostitution

Well, it's time once again to break out the popcorn. I know "serious" people are not supposed to be jazzed by salacious sex scandals, but c'mon, who isn't? Apparently, the DC Madam who supplied prostitutes to the head of Bush's foreign aid programs is going to start naming other names:

She not only intends to identify more of her high-profile clients, but has also threatened to call them as witnesses at trial to back up her claim that the services provided never crossed the line to prostitution.

“I am a ferocious fighter when need be,” she wrote in an e-mail message this year to a Justice Department official involved in the case. “I can state with unequivocal certainty this situation will be a very long and unpleasant one.”

(via theyrereal on DailyKos) Here's a deal I'll make: if any politician comes out publicly for legalizing prostitution, or even a general re-thinking of our society's approaches and attitudes towards the sex industry, and does so before their name becomes associated with this scandal, Internal Monologue will publicly support them regardless of party affiliation and advocate that they be allowed to keep their jobs. For anyone else, I will gleefully joining the media vulture pile-on and mock them mercilessly for being hypocritical hooker-meisters.