Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BYU Alternative Commencement reaches money goal

Thanks to the DailyKos diary I linked to yesterday, the BYU students looking to fund their alternative commencement have reached their $20,000 goal only 4 hours after the diary went up:
The Daily Kos is such a huge and popular blog, that I expected my entry to quickly disappear into the woodwork.

But this was not the case. Within minutes, people from around the nation started pouring in supportive comments to what I had written. And, within a few more minutes, money donations started gushing into the Alternative BYU Commencement website. Hundreds upon hundreds of people started discussing this issue and we suddenly became the top most talked about Daily Kos Blog Entry of the day. Hundreds of dollars became thousands of dollars. The "donation" meter exploded from about $9,500 to $15,000 in 2 hours. And then, just 4 hours after the post went up, the $20,000 goal was annihilated. And people just kept giving and giving and giving.
FEEL THE POWER OF THE NETROOTS! I'm sure it was because of the flood of people coming over from Internal Monologue. Not. But it feels great to be part of a mass nose-thumbing to Dick Cheney.


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