Friday, July 13, 2007

Edwards says Bush's remarks "border on the delusional"

(I posted a slightly different version of this on DailyKos.)

Edwards earns some points with me:
The president's remarks today defending his Iraq policy without regard to actual facts border on the delusional. The president claimed that the same people attacking U.S. troops today are the ones who perpetrated 9/11. It must be nice to live in a world where your actions have no consequences. There was no group called Al Qaeda in Iraq before the president's disastrous mismanagement of the war gave them a foothold, a fact the president flagrantly ignores. After being discredited again and again, the president is still trying to link Iraq and 9/11 - a rationale for the war that virtually everyone except Dick Cheney has now recognized was false.
(HT: TomP on DailyKos) My only point of contention with Mr. Edwards is that I don't think Bush's remarks border on the delusional. They crossed that border some time ago. Frankly, I think the border between Bush and delusion needs a lot more security. Maybe I should form a heavily-armed militia group that patrols that border and stops him from attempting to cross illegally. That border is way too permeable, and it is a grave threat to national security.

Better yet, I think Congress should build a fence between Bush and delusion to prevent his anti-American influence from destroying our country. Then I think Bush should be forced to speak English instead of his incomprehensible native tongue, Delusional. Sometimes I'm shocked when I read the newspaper or listen to the radio or watch TV and I hear politicians and pundits speaking not a word of English. They're all speaking Delusional. Especially when talking about Iraq or how Democrats need to kowtow to Bush or they will suffer electoral defeat.

This is America, and I don't think the official business of the country should be conducted in the language of Delusion. America has too many people from Delusion already, and it corrupts our culture. Hearing our leaders speak and act Delusionally only encourages more Delusionals to undermine our American freedoms, like the right not to be arbitrarily imprisoned by some Delusional who doesn't know that in America we don't have kings, or vice-kings.

How can our public education system cope when it's flooded with so many Delusionals? These Delusionals, (via their corporations and lobbyists) take government money that should be spent taking care of real Americans. I say we throw the Delusionals out of the country, and if they want to come back they can only come back as guest workers with no political power whatsoever.


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Ha ha ha. Good one.

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