Friday, July 13, 2007

Why Republicans have trouble with the minority vote

Image from The Detroit News

Here's yesterday's NAACP's Republican candidate forum: 8 empty lecterns and Tom Tancredo (R-CO). (HT: Jeffery Feldman on DailyKos). All the Democrats managed to show up when the NAACP invited them. Now of course there are other ways to reach out to minority voters than showing up at the NAACP. But you don't hear about Republicans doing a lot of those things either. It doesn't help that this cycle the Democrats have a very ethnically diverse group of contenders, while the Republicans present a monolithic facade of racial uniformity. After the Katrina response and the recent anti-Hispanic immigrant bashing, the Republicans should be jumping at the chance to symbolically say "you're important" to the non-whitefolk of the nation. But I guess they've strapped themselves to an obsolete vision of what America is. I hope their electoral obsolescence quickly ensues.


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