Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Republicans: still the party of Bush, still the party of occupation

Much has been made of recent Republican "defections" on Iraq. Mainly this is because a few Republican senators have made some meek little noises about the need for a change in strategy. But the overall Republican stance is still pro-Bush and pro-occupation. As Greenwald points out, no leading Republican presidential candidate has come out against the occupation. To do so would be political suicide.

As for the rank and file, Republicans still support Bush, the occupation, and even Bush's handling of the occupation by substantial margins. The latter is really quite baffling to me: Republicans support Bush's "handling of the situation with Iraq" by a 59-33 margin, according to the CBS poll to which Greenwald links.

These folks really are living in a different reality than the rest of us. It's pretty scary to realize how people can have completely different views of the same situation. So don't let Republicans off the hook for this disastrous occupation. They're still the ones driving this whole thing. And they haven't changed. Even after all this time.


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