Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nobody wants McCain campaign to use their intellectual property

What do Van Halen, Mike Myers, Walter Reed Middle School, Jackson Browne, Heart, and the copyright owners of the Rocky theme song have in common? They're all pissed that the McCain campaign has used their intellectual property in his campaign without permission.

And why the heck was McCain using a picture of Walter Reed Middle School as a backdrop for his speech? Did who ever put together those backdrops confuse Walter Reed Middle School with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where many veterans receive care? Apparently the McCain campaign isn't commenting, though previously a McCain staffer was blaming an ad person.

Another funny side effect of using the wrong Walter Reed image (and who is this Walter Reed that he gets so many institutions named after him anyway? Ah, he's the guy who discovered that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes.) was that for a while McCain appeared to be speaking in front of a green screen during part of his speech. This reminded people of a previous poorly received speech that was made in front of an odd green background. Of course, such backgrounds make certain Photo Shop pranks easier, but it's hardly the association he'd wish to invoke.

I think this TPM reader sums it up best:
[T]he Walter Reed mix-up last night is indicative of GOP politics and policy-- that is, injured troops are merely political props, and even then the GOP can't get it right. If they can't get the actual Walter Reed up on screen as a political ploy, how can we possible expect their competence in addressing the needs of actual veterans at the actual Walter Reed?


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