Friday, September 19, 2008

Palin poses with copy of John Birch Society magazine

Um, dude, get some better reading material.
Photo from the New York Times

Ben Smith of The Politico:
In a picture supplied by Sarah Palin's family to the Associated Press, Palin appears with some rather odd reading matter: The magazine of the ultraconservative John Birch Society.

The picture, dating to 1995, when Palin was a member of the Wasilla City Council, ran beside a profile of Palin in Saturday's New York Times. The magazine, The New American, is sitting on top of her calendar on her desk, unopened.

The current, and then-, president of the group, John McManus, confirmed that the cover fit the description of a 1995 issue of the magazine. The headline, "Con-Con Call," refers to discussion at the time of a constitutional convention. The headline appears above a picture of then-Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, who had floated the notion as a way of returning the balance of power back toward the states. But the author warned that the convention could actually be a devious ploy aimed at increasing government power.

What sort of person gives out pictures of themselves with the John Birch Society Magazine? This wasn't some random snapshot. This is a photo her family supplied to the Associated Press. Did this magazine just happen to be there when the picture was taken? Was her family ignorant of what was in the picture when they sent it out? Is this some sort of dog whistle message of affinity with ultra-right wingers? Did Palin read this magazine regularly back then? Does she now?

There are all sorts of innocent explanations as to how she'd end up with such a publication in front of her. But why would she include it in a publicity photo?


Blogger Volly said...

The woman may not be a right-wing fringeoid (though she undoubtedly is), but she most certainly is a fool. She seems to have no filters, no sense of foresight as to what her image may cost her (and McCain) in terms of votes. She seems to think that just her sheer cuteness/wonderfulness/whateverness is enough to make people want to put her in the White House.

She is wrong.

I am grateful (or will be after 11/4).

3:14 PM, September 19, 2008  

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