Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why my blog is awesome

If you enter any of the following search strings into Google's default search page, the first link that comes up is an Internal Monologue blog post:
  1. tofu beef substitute
  2. why mccain would make a bad president
  3. kristol bailout
  4. mcdonalds war rule
  5. cell phone guy sings
  6. Bush Bigger Villain than Satan
This is true as of this post; of course things may change. Of course, there are probably many other phrases. These are just ones that people have used recently. I'm particularly proud of #2 and #6. I'm rather surprised by #3. Why not link to the NY Times column itself first? There were numerous cool strings for which this blog shows up, but I felt I should only report the phrases for which I was #1.

The following strings also have Internal Monologue as the first hit, but that's because Google was fooled by the fact that although this blog is called Internal Monologue, it's not primarily about internal monologues. So I don't feel they really count:
  • monologue joss whedon
  • veteran day monologues
  • multiple personality disorder monologue
  • 24. Internal monologue
  • Multiple Personality Monolog
This information was discovered via my Sitemeter referral stats. I could probably guess other strings for which I'm #1. For example:
  • random harlot generation
  • nostril salsa
  • gen con adventure
All return this blog in the top position. But that's too easy.


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