Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama regaining momentum

The Palin flush is wearing off, and the "McCain is a pathetic, desperate serial liar" meme is starting to take hold. It's starting to show up in national polls:
The four tracking polls for today have all been released, and collectively they show Obama ahead 46.75%--45.25% (links can be found in quick hits). Even in the two tracking polls where McCain leads by a single point, Gallup and Rasmussen, Haggai's numbers indicate a strong possibility that Obama led in polling conducted last night. So, it now seems possible--or, actually, it now seems likely--that Obama has regained the national lead.
Bowers goes on to discuss four possible reasons for this: Palin wearing off, convention bounce wearing off, the financial crisis, and the fact that McCain had to spend a lot of his money before the convention and now is on public financing.

Intrade still has McCain up by a couple percent, but things are moving Obama's way.


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