Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pakistan has decided it doesn't want us in their territory

The situation in Afghanistan seems to be getting worse. If we can't go into Pakistan without the regular Pakistani military shooting at us, that's going to make things even more difficult than they already are:
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's military has ordered its forces to open fire if U.S. troops launch another air or ground raid across the Afghan border, an army spokesman said Tuesday.

The orders, which come in response to a highly unusual Sept. 3 ground attack by U.S. commandos, are certain to heighten tensions between Washington and a key ally against terrorism. Although the ground attack was rare, there have been repeated reports of U.S. drone aircraft striking militant targets, most recently on Sept. 12.
I'm not exactly sure we should be fighting counter-insurgency warfare in Afghanistan at all. The last several powers that did so didn't fare too well, and I see no reason it will be any different with us. We do want to disrupt any international terrorist training, but perhaps there are ways to do that (bribery, air strikes, local proxies, etc.) without slogging it out with our own troops.


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