Saturday, May 27, 2006

The lefties pile kick Joe Lieberman's ass

 More reasons we don't like "Joementum" Lieberman (the ostensibly Democratic Senator from CT who has a crush on all things Bush), from Atrios:
What a week it's been. Honored by his neocon pals, because they've made all the right decisions over the past couple of years, and now he supports "pro-life" license plates to support pregnancy crisis scam centers.
The first time I ever heard of Lieberman was when I was a computer game producer and he was making a ridiculous puritanical stink/cynical political play by bashing video games. He's been doing so for quite some time: here's something from 1997, and I bet if I wasn't so lazy I could find stuff even earlier. So I never liked the guy. I voted for him when he was Al Gore's running mate, but I don't think anyone on the left would hold that against me, given the alternative. Connecticut is one of the bluest states in the union. Can we have a real Democrat, please? agrees.


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