Friday, May 12, 2006

Well maybe this won't be the one...

...the "big one" that we who oppose Bush dream about: the outrage brought to light that inspires a tidal wave anti-bush sentiment. According to this article, 66% of people wouldn't be bothered if the NSA gathered records of personal calls they had made.
Of course, with the latest Harris Poll putting Bush at 29%, maybe there doesn't have to be a big one.
Meanwhile, Republicans pass more tax cuts for the rich. Isn't there a national debt of 8.3 trillion, a defecit of somewhere around 400 billion, and 2 wars going on? (Remember Afghanistan?) Of course, to a Republican a tax cut for rich folk is always good, no matter what the circumstances.

Update: Glenn Greenwald urges us not to take these first polls too seriously. Waiting a few days may give reality more time to sink in.

Update II: SusanG gives a list of talking points to help explain the yuckiness of this illegal NSA program.


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