Monday, May 29, 2006

Puritanism Kills People

Here's an article that talks about AIDS in Uganda. The prevention effort in Uganda had been quite successful, but the government dropped the condom part and things seem to have gone downhill. Of course, there could be other factors at work. But we shouldn't be surprised when something whose foundation is not based in reality doesn't work in reality. Of course, I'm not convinced that Christianists even want AIDS prevention to work. Better someone die than enjoy sex. When will we be free of these people? It's hard enough to combat a global pandemic without anachronistic superstition crippling our efforts. I used to be so contemptuous when hearing stories about superstitious resistance to polio vaccine and similar stories about Guinea Worm. But what our own government is doing by exporting abstinence-only ideology is just as stupid. Ooga Booga. We're just as blinded by anachronistic moral strictures as those benighted Neolithic tribes. Some say the Enlightenment was a failure. I say it hasn't even happened yet.


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