Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, actually I have worked!

Jean Rohe fights back!
You assume that I have no experience making a living. I have been a full-time college student and have worked a job to pay my own rent and my own expenses for the past two years. You assume that I live in an "echo chamber" of liberal head-patting, when, in fact, I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a neighborhood notorious for its cultural diversity and sometimes, conflict.
It bugs me that every time someone stands up and publicly rebukes some Republican warmonger to their face, the right-wing complains about the lack of politeness, and decries that our discourse has sunk so low. To me, it is a relief that people are finally standing up to the fetid combination of incompetence and immorality that dominates our governing institutions. Our public denunciation, stated forthrightly, is the least we can do.


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