Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh, I guess Americans don't like be spied on after all

OK, maybe people don't want the phone company turning over their records to the NSA without a warrant. Turns out the WaPo poll I mentioned earlier isn't holding up too well. Here's another from USAToday via Atrios that seems to contradict it. Sorry I helped propagate the false meme. Even Internal Monologue can be duped by the hideously evil right-wing noise machine!

I guess people are getting a little more nervous about such things now that they've had a news cycle or two to think about it and learn more. Or maybe the earlier poll was biased in some way.
I must admit that I am taking delight in watching the Bush edifice collapse. Once it does, maybe liberals and conservatives can get back to arguing with each other again. Until then, liberals and conservatives are all converging on the "hold this looney loser in check" plan.


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