Sunday, June 01, 2008

Confess your neuroses

Share your weird-ass neuroticisms with the world on this blog. Some examples:

stuffed animals

When I was little, I would apologize to my stuffed animals if I dropped them or something, so they wouldn’t kill me in my sleep. I also tried to evenly divide my attention among them so no one got lonely or jealous, and tried to kill me in my sleep.

end on the right foot

I always try to land on my right foot when walking down stairs. To this end, for every set of stairs I regularly use, I memorize whether I need to start out on my left foot or right. Similar thing for going up - I take two stairs at a time, and if I have to take an extra step, I have it at the beginning rather than the end.

adding time = number i like

This one is a doozy and I can’t quite believe I’m airing this out in public. So, until the age of about 15, I had numbers that I “liked” and “disliked” (I don’t even remember the reasoning behind that). When I woke up in the mornings, the first thing I’d do would be to add up all the numbers in the time, and I wouldn’t get out of bed until they added up to a number that I “liked.” Yeah. I know.


When I eat Starburst, I can only eat them in the following order: yellow, orange, pink and red. I stop eating once I’ve run out of enough candies to complete the pattern.
I'm thankful that I'm relatively free of this sort of thing. But I probably have some of these; I just can't bring them to consciousness.


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