Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain is doomed

If Obama is competitive in Alaska, ahead in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and pulling away from McCain in Wisconsin, McCain is in big trouble.

Yes, the election is a long ways away. There's going to be a lot of attacks coming Obama's way. But so far he's shown he can take it and hit back. This is one of the benefits of a long, hard-fought primary. I think it toughened up the Obama campaign, brought out the Reverend Wright stuff early, and showed he could defeat a powerful opponent.

(I still think the Revered Wright stuff was probably overblown: criticizing America in biblical language is a stable of preachers both black and white, left and right. The only difference is what they say Americans have done to piss off The Almighty. I am glad that since Obama had to disown Wright, there was more scrutiny of the folks like Hagee who were in McCain's camp. Maybe in the future, politicians will be more wary of theological entanglements.)


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