Thursday, June 19, 2008

Renegade vs. Phoenix

Apparently, "Renegade" is Barack Obama's secret service codename, and "Phoenix" is McCain. Michelle Obama is "Renaissance". No word on Cindy McCain, it probably starts with "P" as well. I guess it's a secret service tradition that husbands and wives have codenames that start with the same letter. (This info is from Ambinder.) I think it's cool that you get to pick your own codename. I remember there was a West Wing episode in which various staff members found out their secret service codenames, and CJ was annoyed that hers was "Flamingo". Maybe that episode prompted the secret service shift their policy and allow people to pick their own.

Here's the thing, though: if everyone knows the codename (and now that it's on Internal Monologue, the whole world will know!), what's the point of having a codename at all? Why don't they just call people by their names? Maybe there's a secret service codename for public consumption, and then one that actually gets used.

What would my secret service codename be, should I ever come under their protection? Here are some ideas:
  • Pac-man (in college I was sometimes referred to as Zac-Man or Z-Man (or ZD))
  • Rynthal (my D&D character)
  • Maniak (my wanna-be computer pirate name from the early to mid 80's)


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