Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rules and Bylaws Committee summary

Best liveblog seems to be Ambinder. Here's what happened; it's pretty much what people expected would happen: Florida delegation seated as-is, but each delegate only gets half a vote. Michigan delegation seated with 69 Clinton delegates, 59 Obama delegates, but each delegate only gets half a vote.

Clinton nets +24 delegates for the day. Which of course means she's still going to lose. (Intrade has Obama at 91.3%, Clinton at 8.8%).

Clinton advisor Harold Ickes (who initially voted to strip Michigan and Florida of all their delegates) mentions that the Clinton campaign reserves the right to appeal to the credentials committee.

An example of how Clinton supporters have been annoying me:
7:16: Some Clinton supporters begin to shout: "McCain, McCain, McCain."
Knock it off. This is hardly the way to endear yourself to the Democratic party. If you want the rules bent in a way that favors you, show some respect for the party. If Clinton somehow wins this, I'm not going to vote for a Republican. I think it was very classy of Obama to discourage is supporters from protesting the meeting and creating a ruckus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Something interesting I found on one of the news sites (sorry, don't have a link) was that Obama actually had enough votes on the committee to force Michigan to a 64-64 even split of delegates. The 69-59 split that actually happened was a concession to the Michigan Democratic Party (who came up with those numbers as its own compromise) that the Obama camp did not have to make -- but they did.

Something to think about. I don't believe Hillary would have done such a thing though. I firmly believe that the Clintons are creatures of principle, but only if you count "unmitigated self-interest" as a principle.

11:58 PM, June 01, 2008  

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