Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Give money to Obama now

I have upheld my pledge not to give money to Democratic presidential candidates until there's a clear nominee. Now that the winner is clear (well, it was clear in early March for anyone with eyes in their head and a calculator, but now Obama's actually clinched it), I've just made a contribution to Obama's campaign. I want my money fighting against Republicans, not spent by one Democrat against another.

Now would be a good time to give money to Obama's campaign. One of my favorite things about Obama's campaign is that it is funded mainly by small donors. This makes him less beholden to narrow moneyed interests, and it also lets him spend more time campaigning and less time schmoozing for dollars.

Giving money early in a campaign is so much more productive than giving later in the campaign. Late money just goes into ad buys that aren't terribly useful; people are sick of ads by then. Early money goes to build campaign infrastructure, hire staff, do planning, and generate buzz. Your dollar will go much further now than later in the campaign.

I would also point out that there are other progressive candidates who need money. ActBlue is a good place to find them. Obama's going to get a lot of money, and there are other races that are important, too.


Anonymous Dawn Feliciano-Reyes said...

Zach, Although I may be biased bearing just about the only Hillary Clinton bumper sticker in the Baltimore area, I don't think that Obama's campaign remained primarily funded by a multitude of small donors. Oprah stepped in, the media buyouts stepped in, some big celebrities stepped in, Soros stepped in. It seemed like all of a sudden in the past two months, Obama's engine was flooded, and Hillary was stalled. It's too late now. But how much change can you expect in one term? I'm not ready yet to give Obama two...?! (Did you hear his soundbite i.e. maybe it will take two terms)

9:53 AM, June 05, 2008  

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