Thursday, June 12, 2008

McCain admits to computer illiteracy

Um, dude, I'm like, totally not OK with the president of the United States being a computer illiterate. I certainly wasn't going to vote for him anyway, but jeez. How can you expect to lead the United States from 2009-2013 if you're computer illiterate? C'mon. Atrios feels the same way:
I think in 2008 computer use and understanding of the internet should be part of the basic skill set we expect from people in positions of prominent public leadership. It's pretty much impossible to have any kind of understanding of how people in the modern world go about their lives and work without that. The internet is not a fad or the playground for 17 year olds.

I don't mean it's important for someone running for president to spend his/her days on Facebook or becoming immersed in all of the various internet subcultures. But how can you have any genuine sense of contemporary life unless you at least have some clue?


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