Monday, June 30, 2008

Maybe if they amend the constitution, they'll be able to defend their own marriages

Sometimes the Republicans make it too easy. They're re-introducing a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. It's called the "Marriage Protection Amendment". Guess who's on the list of co-sponsors? David Vitter and Larry Craig:
Yes, two of the principal sponsors of a constitutional amendment to “protect” marriage include one far-right Republican who hired prostitutes [Vitter] and another far-right Republican who was arrested for soliciting gay sex an airport men’s room [Craig].
Bwah hwa hwa hwa. I know right-wingers can be strangely blind to enormous ironies. But this does take the cake. Of course, maybe they feel that if such an amendment had been part of our constitution, Messrs. Craig and Vitter would have been able to resist the prostitutes and the urge to solicit gay sex. I can empathize. Sometimes, I'm faced with an almost overwhelming temptation to impose a poll tax on somebody. But then I remember the 24th Amendment, and its presence bolsters my moral resolve significantly.


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