Thursday, February 08, 2007

Edwards stands behind his bloggers

I was waiting for Edwards' announcement before reporting on this. Edwards' wasn't as fast or decisive as he should have been, but bottom line is he didn't hand the scalps of his bloggers over to the right wing. Kudos to him for that. You can't let the howlers on the right dictate your personnel. Obviously, you should vet your hires. If upon doing so, you think they're acceptable, you can't let the smear machine intimidate you. There are certain people who will attack Democrats no matter who they are. Trying to appease them won't buy us anyting.

If you were going to fire a blogger for past statements that include foul language or are offensive to some group, is there any blogger, left or right, of any standing that could be hired by anyone? I certainly couldn't be hired under those criteria, and I've been blogging less than a year. If the blogosphere confined itself to nice words and kow-towed to every sacred cow in our culture, what would be the point of its existence? We can get plenty of that from other sources.


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