Monday, February 19, 2007

Greenwald picks up "their reality has lapped our satire" meme

Greenwald is now on Salon and requires a subscription or brief ad view to see. But if anyone is worth it, he is. I just wanted to mention that he's picked up on the notion that it really is impossible to parody the wingnuts:
Did the Courageous Warriors who formed the cyber "Victory Caucus" purposely choose a similar logo [to V for Vendetta] in a knowing act of self-mocking irony, or is this just yet another instance where political satire and science fiction cannot keep pace with the ever-expanding radicalism and reality detachment of the Bush administration and its hardest-core followers? It really is true that the hardest job on the planet is to be a satirist of the pro-Bush Republicans, because it is almost impossible to create caricatures extreme enough to stay ahead of what they actually become in reality.
(Emphasis mine.) Maybe I should spend less time in the blogosphere, because exposure to wingnut thinking can seriously increase my contempt for humanity. Maybe I have an inflated notion of the prevalence of this kind of thinking, they way people who watch too much television news have a distorted view of the amount of child kidnapping that goes in this country. On the other hand, about a third of the country still seems to approve of the job George W. Bush is doing as president. So there must be either a lot of wingnut thinking still going on, or a lot of not thinking. Neither option paints too pretty a picture. What would it take for that last 30% or so to see that he's not a good president?


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