Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EFP's may not be Iranian after all

Remember all those "Iranian" munitions that were shown to reporters a couple weeks ago? Of course, we had our doubts, given the administration's current anti-Iranian propaganda goals. Now, it turns out that a raid in southern Iraq has uncovered a facility that could very well be the source of these "Iranian" devices. Here's TPMmuckraker via Tristero on Hullabaloo:
A raid in southern Iraq on Saturday seems to have complicated the case. There, The Wall Street Journal reports (sub. req.), troops "uncovered a makeshift factory used to construct advanced roadside bombs that the U.S. had thought were made only in Iran." The main feature of the find were several copper liners that are the main component of EFPs. But, The New York Times reports, "while the find gave experts much more information on the makings of the E.F.P.’s, which the American military has repeatedly argued must originate in Iran, the cache also included items that appeared to cloud the issue."


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