Sunday, February 18, 2007

Giuliani's high fidelity first class travelling set and he thinks he needs a Gulfstream IV jet

The Smoking Gun has the whole speaking contract. These are the same folks who published Dick Cheney's a while back. But apparently Giuliani is even more demanding:
The former New York mayor has been banking a whopping $100,000 per speech to corporations, trade groups, and university audiences, according to his standard appearance contract. The document, a copy of which you'll find below, notes that Giuliani, 62, requires private air transportation to his gigs. But, the contract states, any old plane won't do: "Please note that the private aircraft MUST BE a Gulfstream IV or bigger."
Who does this guy think he is? Even Bill Gates will fly on regular commercial airliners. Some people live in a world of entitlement even affluent Yale-boys-who-worked-at-Microsoft-in-the-90's like me have difficulty comprehending.

On the other hand, as The Carpetbagger Report notes: "At least he didn’t specify which M&Ms were to be removed from his dressing room."


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