Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just for the record, I'm against attacking Iran

Not that anyone in this administration gives a shit, but attacking Iran would be a colossally stupid idea. What better way to drive Iranians into the arms of anti-US hardliners? What better incentive is there for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon than the threat of US attack? Do we think we're going to occupy Iran, whose population and area are both much larger than Iraq?

I think Congress needs to get out ahead of this, because there are all kinds of signs that this administration is gearing up for some sort of conflict with Iran. Of course, this administration is pretty contemptuous of Congress. So ultimately I think cutting off funds for any attack or Iran may be Congress' only choice. That or impeachment.

If this rumor about dumping Cheney is true, maybe that will help. Then maybe Joe Liberman can be vice-president. But then he's a deluded warmonger, too.

It's really hard to get around the fact that as far as foreign policy is concerned, we're pretty much fucked until we can replace the current administration. January 2009 is still two years away.


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