Monday, February 05, 2007

Humanizing images of Tehran

Here's a series of humanizing images of Iran and Iranians, shown to the tune of "Peace Train". I'm posting this as a counter to the incessant militarism we're hearing from the administration and its supporters. I have yet to hear from them how a military strike or invasion would actually solve anything. Anything we blow up with air strikes could probably be rebuilt, and it's not like we're going to occupy the country. We don't have the troops and Iran is much larger than Iraq in both population and area. If I got attacked by the US, that would just make me want to get a nuclear weapon faster and hide it better. And I would point to that attack as justification for acquiring the nuclear weapon in the first place.

The images linked to above show a lot of Iranian women doing various activities. This is a very different impression than you get from Reading Lolita in Tehran, which depicts women living in a very restricted way. But both the book and these images remind you that Iranians are human beings. War has costs, and I think we Americans would be less eager to rush to war if the costs were more in our face.


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