Sunday, February 11, 2007

"War on Drugs" idiocy watch

From Majikthise:
The administration has asked for a 31 percent increase in funding for the advertising campaign that a nearly five-year study concluded had increased the likelihood that all teens would smoke marijuana. The White House proposal would increase the program's budget to $130 million over the next year.
Maybe the desperate Republican party is now taking soft money from pot growers. Truly, this "Drug War" is one of the most shameful stupidities of our time. And it spawns stupidities and immoralities in areas as diverse as the exploitation of prisoners to our struggle against the Taliban. Would some politicians please take the lead on this? Yo Dems: No faster way to an Internal Monologue endorsement than calling bullshit on the "Drug War". Hell, I'll even cross party lines and give props to Republicans who come out on this, though I won't vote for them unless the party undergoes some kind of radical transformation.


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