Monday, February 05, 2007

Live action Ms. Pac-Man

OK this is mildly entertaining (HT: Mad Latinist):

But it could have been much better. First of all, where is Sue, the orange ghost? (And for you purists out there, I know that they are techically monsters, not ghosts) Everyone knows that there are 4 ghosts in Ms. Pac-Man. Second, the ghosts chasing Ms. Pac-Man is only one aspect of the game. What about eating dots? Eating bouncing bonus fruits? And of course there's the great moment of eating an energizer/power dot, forcing the ghosts to turn blue and being able to eat them. And then the ghosts become eyes and have to retreat Nazg├╗l-like to the ghost box and get regenerated. And what about those fun little intermission scenes? And the warp tunnels that make you appear on the other side of the board? And of course every serious Ms. Pac-Man player knows that all the ghosts travel at different speeds, a subtlety that was completely ignored in this adaptation.

So two cheers for a fun little YouTube video. But they should have hired me or Grishnash (a commenter here) as a Pac-authenticity consultant. Heck, in elementary school we came up with a playground version of Pac-Man (similar to tag) that was a better adaptation of the game than this. We didn't have the costumes, though.


Blogger Miguel said...

I think The Go! Team are a pretty good band (I have a whole album). This is the first video I've seen by them.

Maybe someone will do a more accurate version someday; this video is itself an evolution of Pac Manhattan and this prank.

12:34 AM, February 06, 2007  

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