Thursday, March 15, 2007

Atheist of the Day: Jodie Joster

In celebration of Rep. Stark (D-CA) coming out as an unbeliever, I've decided to launch an "atheist of the day" feature to gratuitously boost my post count (and post picutres of attractive women). Most of the "atheists of the day" will come from this list of famous atheists, so if you want to completely spoil the surprises you can go there. The first atheist of the day Jodie Foster:
On an HBO special report interviewing the characters of the movie Contact Matthew McConaughey said he did believe in god just as his character did in the movie, however Jodie Foster said she did not believe in god and had no religion. She stated that science comes closest to finding the truth.
Note that "Atheist of the Day" does not mean I will post one every day. Just when I feel like it.


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